I was lucky enough to have been invited by Debra Meadow and Paul Dage to play a house concert on the banks of The McKenzie River. I arranged for my friends, Eugene area musicians Jobe Woosley and Kate Kisselburgh to join me for the event and their performance exceeded my high expectations. Paul built the home and it is a masterpiece adorned inside and out by a large amount of incredible works of art. Many of which were created by Debra who has a wide ranging spectrum of creativity. Debraโ€™s three dimensional creations line the banisters and railings. They sit on ledges and table tops in the form of coral like bowls. Her intricate quilt work hangs from the walls, tapestries of wonder. A lot of her work is currently on display at McKenzie River Clinic, I believe running into November. check out her Facebook art page by clicking the button below.

I felt unusually comfortable there on the stage surrounded by Paul and Debraโ€™s neighbors and friends. I was able to fully express myself which made for a very profound experience for me personally as a musician. A night I will not soon forget about and one that reminded me of why, through all the hangups, the down times, and the noisy fog of bar rooms, I continue to write. To everyone involved, I needed this. My art needed this. I thank you. My art thanks you. Photos below were taken and shared with me by Debra.


Seriously, Thank you.