GTFO of here!! I’m over the moon about the opportunity to just be in the same room as these KILLERS. The fact that I get to perform my songs along side of theirs just blows me away. Strange and the Familliars website HERE

Stephanie writes songs with with her soul. I met her in real life, years ago at Alberta street. This was after having been one of her social media followers seeing her character sketches and reading about her day to day nightmarish encounters with customers. Her Vocabulary a vast arsenal. Her imagination writhes with personified animals of all types both good and evil. She makes cool and interesting music. She has an intense drive to create art and can not be stopped.

This is Stephanie’s Al’s Den residency

We got the one and only Marco Serido documenting the night in his truly unique and beautiful sketch style paintings. ***F*&^ing Awesome***

crystal promo.jpg

Crystal Lariza BMF hard hitting sonic sorceress. She’s long inspired me. I stumbled into a Corner performance many moons ago at Rock Bottom and have been an avid fan of hers ever since. You already know her probably, but in case you don’t …. have a lil listen.

On stage with me for this night will be Isaac Shaw- Drums and Matt Sulikowski on Baritone Sax.